Our main goal is to search and select high quality executives that fulfill our client's requirements and that are capable to adapt quickly to the organizational culture. To accomplish successfully this objective, we go through a thorough process consisting of the following stages:


We understand the company: its culture, its economic context, its aims and strategies and its competing enterprises. We then research on the position: its hierarchy and report level, functions, responsibilities, objectives and total annual income. Then, with our client, we gather information regarding personality traits, education, experience and necessary executive competencies.


Once the profile has been completed, we commence the identification of qualified candidates. To do this, we go through a systematic search and we perform intelligence explorations within related sectors and companies that might have the executive with the required characteristics.


We perform insightful interviews and assessments with all potential candidates to determine their qualifications, capabilities, achievements, motivations, interest in a change of position and their expectations towards new challenges. In such a way we can establish if the person is capable of adapting to the enterprise culture and is able to complete our client's expectations. Finally, in very short time, we elaborate a confidential report with the profiles of the qualified executives.


We advise our clients in the final negotiations with the selected executive and we regularly monitor the integration process within your company.


MONTEALEGRE ASOCIADOS, all work done by us, have a one year warranty.